Haverim.org is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 to create understanding between Christians and Jews as well as to provide education concerning today’s Israel.

Among the purposes for which Haverim.org is formed are:

To promote peaceful relations and mutual understanding among the people of Israel, and among their friends and allies in the United States and throughout the entire World;

Holocaust Survivor and Liberators’ Memorial. Dedication Ceremony June 2014.

To educate the public regarding the role of Christians, based on the Holy Scriptures, to love, support and encourage Israel and the Jewish People (without prejudice to other nations and peoples), especially with regard to Israel’s Biblical right to the Land of Israel and her needs for peace, security, legitimate recognition and fair treatment internationally;

To develop programs and disseminate information on the extent and harmful effects of anti-Semitism and other forces of hatred and prejudice against Israel, the Jewish people and other peoples, in all their forms;

To educate and inform Christians, churches, congregations, and other nonprofit organizations and ministries having a love for Israel and the Jewish People, and to describe these individuals and institutions to the public media and various governmental entities having an interest in keeping themselves informed on JudeoChristian issues;

To serve as a liaison between pro-Israel and pro-Judaic Christian groups, on the one hand, and Jewish organizations and foreign embassies and consulates, on the other hand;

To perform and engage in primary research, study and analysis in order to assist the Corporation in fulfilling its purposes and roles of education and information on matters affecting the on-going dialogue between Christian and Jewish individuals and communities, and to provide a platform for authors, speakers, ministers and pastors and other various church officials and interested individuals in order to share information concerning Israel and the Jewish People from a Christian and Jewish source and perspective;

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Feast of Tabernacles 2017

To prepare, assemble and distribute to interested persons and organizations, government officials, and to the public through radio and various means of communication, audio tapes, training materials, newsletters, brochures, manuals, guidebooks, instruction kits, studies,
surveys and other educational materials to promote the goals of the Corporation stated herein;

To sponsor and support community programs, public discussion groups, panels, lectures, forums, seminars, workshops, debates and other similar events to which interested persons and organizations, government officials and members of the public will be invited, which will promote understanding of the goals.





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