The Moses Milestone

Today I realized that I hit my Moses milestone when it comes to the number 40.  It was exactly forty years ago today that I sat on my front steps late at night and cried my eyes  out to heaven, giving God all the sins I carried and my life. There is no mistaking that He heard me and began turning my life around from that day forward.  The amazing thing is that I am a Gentile and was a backsliden Christian if ever there was one, and He began to point me towards my own Christian roots and then to the roots of our Christianity in the Jewish faith almost immediately.  Three months later I was reading a Good News Bible and following the family tree of my Christian family in the Old Testament or the Torah, Psalms and the Prophets found in the Old Testament.  Back then when I came to Moses in Exodus, he seemed pretty old to be sent off on an assignment such as his.  But I never forgot “I Am” and the wonder of His choosing Moses for the task.

Now I am as passionate about I Am as ever.  When He calls to me and gives me an assignment and I begin to even think that perhaps I’m a little too old for the task, I can sense Him smiling as He reminds me I am not so old as Moses yet, and look what he accomplished. So I recognize today as my Moses milestone on this amazing journey with my God.  The father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The father of Jesus.  Somehow I believe in my generation I am going to be privileged to see us Christians and Jews come to an “Ah ha!” moment as we receive divine clarity on Messiah.  The one whose coming the Jewish community awaits, and the Christian community awaits to come back.  We can never orchestrate this understanding it will come by the Spirit of God, but wasn’t that his assignment from the beginning in Genesis 1:2?  He brought order out of chaos then and He can do it again.

I was so disheartened last week with the Presbyterians, who CAN call themselves Christians and continue to  take a stand against Israel by blatantly supporting the BDS – Boycott, Divest, Sanction.  (I was raised Presbyterian – no wonder the Lord did not direct my path back in that direction!) Then I read today about a woman who calls herself Jewish who makes a big show of standing against Israel and her own people by supporting BDS! (Good for Israel for deporting her before allowing her into the country, I say!) I cannot understand why so much of the Christian world doesn’t understand that today’s Israel is there because God put it there for the Jewish people.  Just as I am sure so many Jewish people cannot understand this Jewish woman who is ready to throw Israel under the bus for the falsehood of BDS.

The fact is that God has called us Christians and Jews to stand together for Israel in these days, in this 70th year of Israel’s existence as a born-again nation, for this continuing second Exodus of the Jewish people from all over the world. It is my prayer that to His great joy, He will find that these dissenters are a remnant and not His true believers, the ones who truly love and serve Him.

Oh, Holy One Of Israel, let you great Spirit sweep over this universe and envelop the hearts of all those who look up searching for You. Let them know You hear their cries, know their needs and desire to touch their souls.  Refresh them with a quick touch of Your presence and a deep knowing of the peace that can come only from You. Draw them to Yourself and nurture them as only You can with the help that only You can send, unknown to us but always close to You and able to reach the one who cries out to You. 

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nancy Montgomery

©2018 Nancy


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