Masters Degree! Well done, David Nekrutman!


The first Orthodox Jew to graduate from Oral Roberts University with a Masters Degree in Christian Studies.

When I finally got on Facebook for the first time in days I was so very happy to find an article about David Nekrutman graduating with his master’s degree from Oral Robert’s University!  David is the Executive Director of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC), Efrat, Israel and is also  the Executive Director for the Day to Praise.  Well done, David!

It was my privilege to meet David who happens to be an Orthodox Jew in 2015 right as I was beginning to broadcast Haverim radio once again in Columbus, Ohio. I was delighted to learn I would be able to meet him face to face at a local Israel loving church in Columbus after first taping a radio program with him via telephone. Pastor Swaggerty of Charisma Life where David spoke, a long-time friend of Israel and to the Jewish people, arranged for me to sit down with David for a radio taping immediately after his Sunday morning service exactly three years ago to the day as I am typing this post for this first podcast. David was leaving immediately from the church to catch a flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take classes for his masters degree in Christian Studies, which he told me was actually focused on the Holy Spirit.

A few days ago, David recently received a Masters Degree in Christian Studies from Oral Roberts University. I began to write this blog  and started to upload an archive program and realized, sadly, that when I lost my radio website during my bout with cancer that I lost all the whistle and bows that went with it that allowed the radio library. (Actually that was a great ah-ha moment for me as I realized it was finally time to get started doing what I have done for so long again and use the newer form of broadcasting – Podcasting -to help God introduce His people the Jews to His people the Christians!) I had listened to David tell about the great work of “Days of Praise” that he first began in 2015 and then what is in his heart about the Holy Spirit, Christians and Jews. And Israel. It is truly a story worth hearing! David, you have accomplished so much! May the LORD continue to bless the work of your hands, yes, bless the work of your hands! As you were my first guest on the last radio program, you are the first on my Haverim podcast!

This form of WordPress is not doing PodBean any favors but the URL is correct so please click and enjoy hearing David share his original ideas on the Holy Spirit and more…

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Nancy Montgomery

©2018 Nancy


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