Christians United for Israel In Ohio Sunday October 22, 2017

Toledo & Xenia, Ohio
Churches Host CUFI

Two Ohio churches are hosting Christians United for Israel Standing With Israel events on October 22, 2017. The first will be at the First Apostolic Church of Toledo for the morning service at 9:30 AM. Later in the day there will be a Standing With Israel evening event at 6 PM at The

Pastor Victor Styrsky

Lifeway Church in Xenia. The Keynote Speaker for both events is Victor Styrsky who has been a pastor, music director, and pro-Israel activist in Northern California for more than thirty years, and is the author of “Honest to God — The 10 Questions Jews Ask Christians.” Pastor Styrsky is Christians United for Israel’s Eastern Regional Coordinator, having assumed this position after serving several years as CUFI’s California Director. He is a frequent speaker at AIPAC, the Zionist Organization of America, college campuses, synagogues, churches and other pro-Israel organizations across the nation.

Pastor Styrsky is going to sit down with’s Founder Nancy Montgomery for a few minutes after the Xenia event for a bit of an afterglow from a time well spent in praise, worship and a timely message that can only bless Israel and those in attendance.  He will join Nancy in taping the first podcast for the next round of Radio.  Watch for our Archive Page which will have some of our best programs coming soon along with our new podcasts!


Haverim Staff



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