What’s in a Name?

If you are new to our site and unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, our name means friends, and simply explains what we represent: Christian and Jewish friends with a heart for Israel whose common bonds are often varied.

Haverim.org became a Charitable Trust  in Ohio in 1995 through the joint efforts of Christians and Jews. Haverim became a recognized name of this organization in 1986 when Nancy Montgomery was asked by the Government Affairs Committee of Ohio’s Jewish Communities to be a Christian liaison to eight Ohio cities for the purpose of gaining support for their Ohio Jewish federation’s efforts to free Soviet Jews.   Haverim’s stated purposes¹, which include helping Jewish people make aliyah from any country in the world,  have never changed. (Our name was changed to Haverim.org in 2015 when our papers were updated in Ohio.)

Habakkuk 2:3 says,

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.”

  In 1986, I had a question for God that I had been pondering for some time.  Although I had no Jewish background or interest in Israel before I became a committed Christian, now my concern for Israel and prayers for the well-being of the Jewish people had intensified, and other than our biblical connection, I didn’t know why.  A kind lady with a gift for prayer had invited me to have a bite of lunch and to pray for this concern.  While we prayed, I was given a vision² which I described as it happened.  My prayer partner, an older wiser woman of God, wasn’t surprised at all while I was nearly overwhelmed at such an experience with the Lord.  Six weeks later I received a letter from leaders of Ohio’s Jewish community. This letter was totally unexpected and was totally confirmed by my earlier prayer vision.  It began a  joint work in Ohio in 1986 that became named Haverim and could only have been orchestrated by God.

   Seven years later in 1993, I held a meeting in my home to bless a couple traveling to Israel to live for a number of months as volunteers for Bridges for Peace.   Following the meeting my guest was tucked in bed and I was having a quiet time of prayer; actually my whole family was tucked in bed and I was exhausted but happy to have helped lovers of Israel.  This was a tired, happy praise time before telling God, “Good Night!”  Suddenly I heard Him speaking to my heart asking me to start producing Christian radio again, this time with a specific purpose.  He asked me to introduce, “His people the Jews to His people the Christians” via a radio program that I would produce and name “Haverim.”  I was hesitant at first because of an awareness of many types of  spiritual backlash that comes when engaged in ministry and Christian radio, immediately came a vision.  It was a very clear and humbling vision,  I said, “Yes.”  And found myself eleven days later in Washington, D.C.,  sitting in the Embassy of Israel and taping the first interview for the new radio program.

     Recently, I was reading Habakkuk once again.  Perhaps I should have added verse four along with verse three above because because it says, “…the just shall live by his faith.”   Why would I want to include verse four? The answer is because it is purely our faith that causes us to know deep within our hearts that He is who He says He is.

       I am sharing background stories of Haverim.org to encourage those reading this page.  Please know that you are never too young or too old (or perhaps taken out of circulation by sickness)  to respond to a prompting from God and learn more about Christians and Jews working together to support Israel, fight anti-Semitism, replacement theology or other issues that can unite us. My goal is to use these pages to help achieve just that!


Nan Montgomery, Founder Haverim.org

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,
Nancy Montgomery, Founder

We are happy to share with our friends that founder Nancy Montgomery was invited to submit her book The Israel Letters to the 2017 Frankfurt Intl. Book Fair in October.  Nancy was inspired to write this book of letters and prayers to Israel in the spring of 2014. before the start of the war of the summer of 2014.  Please pray for those who attend this huge book fair in Frankfurt Germany that they might take notice of this small book of prayer for Israel, and it results in furthering God’s will for His people in these days and times. Also you might enjoy a visit the Author’s website at www.theisraelletters.com

                        For I know My plans for you, says the LORD, plans for good and not for evil; plans for a hope and a future.
Jeremiah  29:11

  1. Haverim’s Stated Purposes Link
  2. Ohio Visions for Haverim.org and Haverim Radio
  3. Ohio Visions for Haverim.org and Haverim Radio

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